Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

We started back in 2009

We were known as Prophet Voice or Releasing Words and we gave out personal prophecies to those who asked.  Now,  we focus on prophetic insights that are for the church and nations, and on mediations & revelations (Blogs) including video blogs.    

Our Charity - Agape Kenya, UK

Our charity supports the work of Kenyan pastors and leaders, who have established six Children's Centres and four Ministry Training Schools, by local churches working together.  We go out on mission trips to enable, encourage, support and train the leaders, pastors and churches.  Go to  Agape Kenya, UK   to see what we do.  

On-line Ministry Training

Are you interesting in learning how to develop your skills,  sharpen and deepen yourself in prophetic ministry,  spiritual warfare,   dreams and visions,   healing and wholeness,  and Early Church Practice?

We have  on-line courses available to those who seriously want to learn!   

Please contact me on the form and please make a donation, which will go towards the mission work we do in Kenya.    Go to  KM School of Ministry   to see more! 

Healing & Deliverance 

We also offer Lie-busting with is a spiritual healing and deliverance ministry.   Lie Busting is a Spirit-led healing and deliverance ministry process that goes to the roots of the pain in our lives and brings about deliverance and healing in a very peaceful and beautiful way.  Lie Busting can be carried out face to face or over Skype and takes about 1.5 to 2 hours.   

During Lie Busting, the Holy Spirit reveals the problem and the roots, we break off every lie or curse and the Lord brings healing and freedom.  If you would like a Lie-bust, please indicate on the form attached.  Lie Busting is usually carried out over Skype.   

A donation is required for a Lie Bust, which will go towards our mission work.   

To book a Lie Bust, please fill in the form the next page, About Us.